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BPT Technology

Providing best-in-class logistics and transportation services to the oil and gas industry

GPS-TrackingBPT Resources offers more than logistics and transportation services to the oil and gas industry, we offer peace of mind. Our combination of client focused personnel, strong safety record, state-of-the-art supply chain technology, and large network of assets and facilities provide clients the assurance they need that the job will get done right.

Command-CenterOur logistics planning software tracks important information such as real-time updated volume levels to help you plan now and for the future. Because no business is the same, our software is customizable.


Thanks to our cutting-edge GPS technology, our logistics software gives BPT the ability to track shipments in real time. Information is easily displayed in a clean and clear fashion so there’s never a doubt of the location of your assets. And there’s no need to constantly monitor your shipments as you can set up customizable alerts to let you know if a certain condition arises.


Logistics-ReportingNo logistics planning software would be complete without a capable reporting function. Whether you’re looking for interactive pivot tables for a deep analysis of your business or simply your cost per barrel, our reports give you the data you need when you need it.