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Core Values

Core-ValuesCommitment - We don’t overpromise, and we keep our promises. We uphold commitments at almost any cost while ensuring proper procedures are followed. Consistency, honesty, and accuracy are key to keeping our promises and earning our customers’ confidence..

Safety - Bazco Oil Company knows that our success is dependent on the safety our employees. Our goal is for each person to return home safely every day to their families. We do this by ensuring that our employees operate in a safe manner based on established safety standards, providing reminders on a regular basis and ensuring we comply with all regulatory requirements. Safety resonates as the highest benchmark, from our office team to our drivers, field personnel and mechanics.

IntegrityIntegrity - Bazco Oil Company insists on operating in a fair, safe, honest and dependable manner. We are each personally accountable for the highest standards of behavior, including honesty and fairness in all aspects of our work. Acting with integrity, being accountable and fulfilling our commitments, while employing safe business practices is the foundation of what we stand for and who we are as a company.

AccountabilityRespect - Ours is a level playing field. We treat every individual with equal and utmost respect. We communicate courteously and attentively at all times, avoiding jargon and calloused or robotic responses. Our role is to inform and to serve, not to condescend.

Warmth - We encourage kindness and dignity with friendly, personalized communication. We greet others with a smile, eye contact, and relaxed gestures. We address others by name and meet concerns and complaints with empathy first, appropriate action second.
Effort - Questions and requests are met with can-do thinking and earnest effort. We genuinely want to find ways to satisfy others’ needs, and we explain what we can do before explaining what we can’t do. We never respond with an automatic “no.””

Excellence - We provide something “extra” whenever possible. We strive to exceed our own and others’ expectations. We seek member and peer feedback, listening attentively to learn how we can respond to specific needs or improve personal and organizational performance.

Expedience - We honor the value of others’ time. Whether dealing with customers or coworkers, we know that others are bound by time commitments beyond our understanding.

IProactivenclusivity - We value difference. We communicate gratitude and patience to people of all cultural backgrounds, ages, dispositions, and levels of ability or financial understanding, and we go out of our way to accommodate special needs and requests as if they were our own.

Responsibility - We take full responsibility for our actions. We express full accountability for member dissatisfaction and for negative behavior among our team. Any discontented customer should be given courtesy, names of any associates involved and individuals who can help, and assurance of follow-up and resolution.